The Dead Daisies new single "Righteous Days" is available to stream on Spotify now!
And you can see many photos from the studio where they were recording this song.
Please check them out!

Planet Rock were the first to play the track back in August and it was received incredibly well by DJ's and listeners alike.  Radio stations around the planet wanted to get their hands on the song too, so we answered the call and set October 4th as the date!

Writing and recording at Sunset Sound Studios in LA with vocalist and bassist Glenn Hughes was awesome, we laid down some great new ideas and sounds for our next album set to come out in 2020.  'Righteous Days' is the first offering from this extraordinary collaboration.

Glenn had this to say "We were in the studio recording a song that at that point in time had no title or lyrics.  I went home, got some sleep and on the way back to the studio wrote the vocal melodies & lyrics to what became Righteous Days.  There was an instant connection with Doug, David and Deen.  The song is about acceptance and gratitude.  Music is the Healer"

Doug commenting "Righteous Days was one of a few songs we recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood.  It was so cool to work there and we were all very inspired and excited to work on new music together.  The song has a mean Daisies style riff with a classic Glenn Hughes swagger!  A great start to our new sound with Glenn."

We are very much looking forward to heading back into the studio in November to finish the album and can't wait to hit the road and see all of you again in 2020.

Check out The Dead Daisies website for more photos!