Doug, Warren De Martini and George Lynch will play for the Japanese hard rock unit, "IRONBUNNY"'s debut mini album "IRONBUNNY - Tettsui no Alternative".
Its album cover was uploaded on their official website.
This album will be released from P.h. Methods on August 28.
Please check out Ironbunny official website for the details.

"IRONBUNNY - Tettsui no Alternative”
01. 23 -twenty three-
02. Lightning Speed 
03. E.I.B. 
04. Steel 6 -the strong gage- 
05. Struggle Lover 
06. Twin Flavor 
07. Hate A Fate
Guest Guitarists: Warren DeMartini (ex RATT), Doug Aldrich (ex Lion, Whitesnake, Burning Rain), George Lynch (ex Dokken, The End Machine)