(2016 - )

Vocal:  John Corabi / Glenn Hughes
Guitar:  Doug Aldrich
Bass:  Marco Mendoza / Glenn Hughes 
Guitar:  David Lowy
Drum:  Brian Tichy / Deen Castronovo

New York, NY (January 28th, 2016) – The Dead Daisies are proud to announce the addition of Doug Aldrich to the lineup as lead guitarist of the powerful music collective. Guitarist Richard Fortus and keyboardist Dizzy Reed will be stepping aside to be a part of a momentous project in 2016.

Doug was recording the new album with them in Nashville and their album "Make Some Noise" was released from Ward Records in Japan on July 27 and from SPV Records on August 5 in 2016.  And they are going on a tour in Europe/UK/Japan/Korea/USA.

In August, 2019, their official website announced that John Corabi and Marco Mendoza had left the band and Glenn Hughes had joined the band as the lead singer and the bass player.  They also released the new song, "Righteous Days", and they started recording the new album with the new lineup in France in November.  They are planning to release the new album and tour in 2020.