(2002 / 2005)

Vocal:  Ronnie James Dio
Guitar:  Doug Aldrich
Bass & Keyboard:  Jimmy Bain
Drum:  Simon Wright
Keyboard:  Scott Warren

In 1989, when Dio was looking for a new guitarist in place of Craig Goldy, Doug had a session with Dio and Dio offered Doug to play with them. But he was playing for Lion then, so he refused to get this offer. About 10 years later, in 2001, Doug was offered by Dio again. Doug was working for Burning Rain and his solo, Jimmy Bain and Dio's manager suggested Doug to meet Ronnie James Dio. Then he met Ronnie and listened to Dio's new songs. And then Doug joined Dio. Doug is going on a tour with Scorpions and Deep Purple, which is the first biggest tour for him. He has a great talent, but he wasn't appraised highly enough. This tour is a big chance for him. I'm sure that he attracts a lot of people on this tour. He is progressing a lot with many session works, and he will be much greater as a guitarist and have a success.