(1990 - 1998)

Vocal:  Kal Swan
Guitar:  Doug Aldrich
Bass:  Chuck Wright / Sean McNabb / Ian Mayo
Drum:  Ken Merry / Jackie Ramos

Kal Swan and Doug Aldrich formed BAD MOON RISING in the fall of 1990. The original rhythm section included ex-FIFTH ANGEL drummer Ken Mary and bassist Chuck Wright of HOUSE OF LORDS fame. The band's debut album was released in 1991, and included 4 songs demoed and recorded during the LION years. The wonderful album inherited the sound of LION, but with the added enthusiasm of pursuing a new sound.

A second album, "Blood", was released about 2 years later. Bassist Sean McNabb performed in Japan after the debut album, but later left to join HOUSE OF LORDS. Although the bass parts were done with Chuck Wright, he left the band after recording was completed. Ian Mayo (ex-BANGALORE CHOIR and HERICANE ALICE) joined by audition, and his recorded parts were substituted on three tracks. The band completed their new lineup by auditioning and adding drummer Jackie Ramos, who had played with Ian Mayo previously. The new band began to gel and a third album, "Opium For The Masses", was released about two years later. The band went for a more live sound this time around. But it was a radical departure from the band's previous albums, and it became their last work. The band broke up in the summer of 1998, due to musical differences. Taking advantage of this new opportunity, Kal and Doug begin to follow their own separate musical paths.