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Doug Aldrich Net (ex-Doug Aldrich In My Heart) launched on December 16, 2001, about 1 year after Doug Aldrich official site, www.dougaldrich.com launched.  To start making this site, I got an permission from Mr. Doug Aldrich and the band side (Burning Rain) through Ms. Muramatsu at Pony Canyon which label Doug belonged to at that time.  Then about 9 months later, I finally opened this site.  This site may be not enough for information about Doug, but I've been trying best to update.  Your supports would be very appreciated.  Thanks.

About the Webmaster, Yuki:
My first encounter with guitarist Doug Aldrich goes back to 1987.  I was beginning to become interested in hard rock, and was particularly fascinated by the electric guitar.  I took guitar lessons and began copying my favorite songs.  I first discovered Doug from the LION promotional video "Power Love".  It showed the powerful vocals of Kal Swan, and Doug's guitar solo that flowed with such cool riffs.  There's another reason that he's my favorite guitarist.  I think it's wonderful also not only in respect of a technical portion but a sound.  Although I heard many albums by various guitarists in those days, or saw them live in concert, many of them sounded quite different live than they did on their recorded work.  Although they sometimes used different equipment live, I was often left disappointed by their bad guitar sound in concert.  However, Doug was different.  Compared with making a jarring sound in which many guitarists were distorted too much, he makes sound with a sufficient degree....it never becomes an unpleasant sound.  It's neither too heavy nor too soft.  Although I was using the Fender guitar at first, I aimed to get a guitar sound like his, and I changed to the Jackson guitar.  I think that a real guitarist can always create a great sound with any amplifier or equipment.

Another thing that should be observed is his guitar style.  His playing form is a classic style, although he is a rock guitarist.  He keeps that form even when bending.  His finger is always moving on the fretboard beautifully.  That is being able to say, even if it makes it right picking, saves a rhythm always exact and is carrying out the soft motion.  I've never known another rock guitarist with such beautiful form.

LION, BAD MOON RISING and solo albums .... I think he's expanding the width of the guitar style.  Classic, jazz, fusion, blues .... in a solo album he can especially showcase his many styles and talent.  And BURNING RAIN .... Doug shines most in BURNING RAIN, and is most visible.  It seems to prove that he can be expressing the music that he truly wants to do.  I think he feels that "extra something" that he couldn't get in LION or BAD MOON RISING.  BURNING RAIN's activity has expanded steadily in the United States and Europe, and Doug Aldrich .... I want him to see further growth and even more success!!

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Doug Aldrich (Huge thanks for your help),
Ms. Muramatsu at Pony Canyon Inc., Japan, Mr. Takeno at Victor Entertainment,
Jason at Dougaldrich.com, Poor Albert at Whitesnake.com,
Z Records, UK Spitfire Records, Mr. Ozawa & Mr. Funatsu at Warner Music Japan,
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